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Wyoming Bullying Laws



Code 21-4-312 (2009) defines harassment, intimidation and bullying "any intentional gesture, any intentional electronic communication or any intentional written, verbal or physical act initiated, occurring or received at school that a reasonable person under the circumstances should know will have the effect of: (A) Harming a student physically or emotionally, damaging a student's property or placing a student in reasonable fear of personal harm or property damage; (B) Insulting or demeaning a student or group of students causing substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with, the orderly operation of the school; or (C) Creating an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student or group of students through sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive behavior." It prohibits intimidation, harassment or bullying at school, or reprisal or retaliation against a victim, witness or person reporting information about an act. The definition of "school" is included in the statute.

Code 21-4-312 (2009) requires the Department of Education to develop a model policy. It also requires local school districts to adopt a policy prohibiting bullying, intimidation or harassment. Requirements of the policy include a definition of bullying, harassment and intimidation, consequences and remedial actions for those committing acts, procedures for reporting and documenting acts, a statement prohibiting reprisal or retaliation, strategies for protecting a victim from further harassment,

Cyber Bullying
Code 21-4-312 (2009) includes "intentional electronic communications" in the definition of bullying, harassment and intimidation and prohibits such acts "school," which is further defined in the statute.

No state policy addressing elementary or secondary schools.

Source: National Association of State Boards of Education
Last Updated: 4/28/2010

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