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Oklahoma Bullying Laws



Statute 70-24-100.4 (2008), the School Bullying Prevention Act, requires each district board to adopt a policy for the control and discipline of all children attending a public school. The policy must specifically prohibit threatening behavior, harrassment , intimidation and bullying by students at school and via electronic communication. The policy must also establish a procedure for reporting and investigation and reporting of incidents, address prevention and education, and establish procedures for referral to mental health care options. The Act requires the district board policy to allow a school to request the disclosure of any information concerning students that have received mental health care following a school referral, if there is a specific threat to the safety of students and/or personnel.

Statute 70-24-100.5 (2002) requires each Safe School Committee to study and make recommendations to the principal regarding student bullying and harassment at school and the professional development needs of faculty and staff.

Cyber Bullying
Statute 70-24-100.3 (2008) includes acts of electronic communications its list of potential acts of "harassment, intimidation and bullying" in the school environment." "Electronic communication" is defined as the communication of any written, verbal, or pictoral information by means of an electronic device, including, but not limited to, a telephone, a cellular telephone or other wireless telecommunication device, or a computer. A specific electonic communication does not need to originate at a school or with school equipment to be included under this policy if it is specifically directed at students or school personnel and contains harassment, intimidation or bullying.

Statute 21-1190 (1995) states that no student organization or any person associated with any organization sanctioned or authorized by the governing board of any public or private school or institution of higher education in Oklahoma shall engage or participate in hazing. Any organization convicted of hazing, a misdemeanor, can be fined up to $1,500 and shall forfeit for a period no less than one year their rights and privileges of being an organization organized or operating at the public or private school. Any individual convicted of hazing can be imprisoned for up to 90 days and/or fined up to $500. Oklahoma's definition of hazing is laid out in subsection F here within.

Source: National Association of State Boards of Education
Last Updated: 11/17/2008

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