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The State Board of Education's Policies on Bullying recommends that all schools should develop a plan designed to prevent and react to bullying and adopt an anti-bullying program to promote a positive school atmosphere. Such programs should address the supervision of students, the encouragement of student involvement in the program by asking and listening to them, educating teachers and staff about bullying effect on students, training teachers and staff how to intervene when bullying occurs, providing individualized interventions, and meaningful communication between teachers and parents. The State Board of Education has created a Model Anti-Bullying Policy for local boards of education to follow when developing their own anti-bullying plan.

MCL 380.1300a (1993) requires the board of each school district to adopt and implement a written sexual harassment policy that, at a minimum, prohibits sexual harassment by school district employees, board members, and pupils directed toward other employees or pupils and shall specify penalties for violation of the policy.

Cyber Bullying
No state policy.

Michigan Penal Code 750.411t (2004) states that a person who attends, is employed by, or is a volunteer of an educational institution shall not engage in or participate in the hazing of an individual. Punishment based on the severity of the hazing incident is laid out, as well as what actions are defined as hazing.

Source: National Association of State Boards of Education
Last Updated: 10/16/2008

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Michigan Bullying Prevention Initiative


The Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA), with Hazelden and the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), is launching the Michigan Bullying Prevention Initiative.

MEMSPA will work with Hazelden to educate school communities about the serious problem of bullying and other related violence issues. To kick off this partnership, Hazelden will be a featured exhibitor at MEMSPA's annual "Leading and Learning" conference on December 1-3 in Traverse City, Michigan.

"MEMSPA, the elementary and middle school principals association in Michigan, is the group that should lead the way in Michigan bullying prevention. Principals play a vital role in creating a positive school culture," said Bob Howe, MEMSPA's executive director. "Hazelden and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program are the gold standard in evidence-based bullying prevention programs."

To learn more about the Michigan Bullying Prevention Initiative, visit, call 517-694-8955 or email

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