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Indiana Bullying Laws



Code 20-33-8-0.2 (2005) defines bullying as overt, repeated acts or gestures, including: verbal or written communications, physical acts committed and any other behaviors committed by a student or group of students with the intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate or harm the other student.

Code 20-33-8-13.5 (2005) requires schools to adopt policies prohibiting bullying on school grounds immediately before or during school hours, immediately after school hours, or at any other time when the school is being used by a school group, off school grounds at a school activity, function, or event, traveling to or from school or a school activity, function, or event, or using property or equipment provided by the school. Policies must also include provisions concerning education, parental involvement, reporting, investigation, and intervention.

Cyber Bullying
No state policy.

Dating Violence
Code 20-19-3-10 (2010) requires the Department of Education to develop a model policy for dating violence response and reporting.

No state policy addressing elementary or secondary schools.

Source: National Association of State Boards of Education
Last Updated: 4/16/2010

State Coordinator

State Coordinator

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